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Hell Yeah, Burgers! VR

A Hell's Kitchen Inspired VR Cooking Sim · By Zoey Reyes


Recent updates

Hell Yeah Burgers! VR 2.0
Hell Yeah Burgers! VR has released its version 2.0! This update includes new levels, dialogue, ingredients as well as some completely new features like sides an...
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Gianna's Design - Maddy Smith
We're back from a short break, coming at you with Character Design. Gianna plays such a key role in the game, and we've heard a couple questions about how she c...
The Core Systems - Pedro Tresgallo
This week we're talking with Pedro, a programmer for Hell Yeah Burgers! Who are you and what do you do on the team? Hi, my name is Pedro Tresgallo, I’m one of...
Events and Lights Out - Jiening Tao
This week we'll be talking about an upcoming feature to be added in the next release of the game. Random events. Who are you and what do you do on the team? Hi!...
The Kitchen - Victoria Zeilenga
Running a little behind on updates but we will have more soon! For today we're going to be talking about the art of the Kitchen in Hell Yeah and the process beh...
Our Path
Along with the first release of our game, we've got a map of what we are working on going forward! Improved Usability: Laser Pointer Menus Stacking Rework Telep...
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