Events and Lights Out - Jiening Tao

This week we'll be talking about an upcoming feature to be added in the next release of the game. Random events.

  • Who are you and what do you do on the team?
    • Hi! I’m Jiening Tao,  gameplay designer and programmer for Super Cool dudes currently developing Hell Yeah burgers :)
  • What is the event system?
    • The event system is something we talked about all the way back in the planning stages of the game as a way to shake up the game loop a bit by introducing some not necessarily cooking-related tasks for the player that are triggered randomly such as a returned order or a power outage.
  • What are the events that are being made?
    • Currently, only the power outage event is being worked on as this will be the first for the event system and we want to make sure we can have a stable system in place before we go crazy with all the different events. 
  • What games have inspired you?
    • Generally the hectic nature of a lot of VR games with a lot going on around you as well as the shifting levels of overcooked.
  • What are future features of Hell Yeah Burgers that excite you the most?
    • The possibility of multiple systems such as events, orders, gags and gadgets, cooking and endless mode working together to create a unique gaming experience, I believe that what we have done with the game is very interesting and with some more tweaking and balancing, I can be even more fun.
  • Where can we see more of your work?
    • While I don't have a personal website or pay much attention to social media, I will plug in my Github: as a way of seeing what I'm recently doing.

That's it for this week's questions and updates for the future! Next time we'll be talking with one of the team's programmers about the creation of Stacking and some of the other core mechanics and how we're tweaking those for the future. Keep an eye out, and if you're curious about any of the development, be sure to let us know!

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