A downloadable game for Windows

Project Wand was created by a team from Columbia College Chicago. Though it wasn’t fully finished and it was meant as a prototype idle game in which you as a wizard fought up hallway after hallway to reclaim your wizard tower, taken by an evil dragon.

Github: https://github.com/NervesOfJello/project-wand

The Team:

  • Alija Maurer- Character Artist, Dragon Audio
  • Cameron Hargrave- Lead Sound Designer
  • Cole Bonnema- Programmer
  • Robert Sandoval- Designer, Artist
  • Steven Fisher- Designer
  • Zoey Reyes- Project Lead, Designer, Artist

Help From:

  • David Beaudoin- Programming Consultant
  • Mia Johnson- Female Wizard Audio
  • Shawn Miller- Male Wizard Audio
  • Jeremy Blake- Music 'The Emperor's Army'


Wand Version 1.01.zip 39 MB

Development log

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